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Friday 1 January 2021

Sale 2021

Friday 2 October

The new album "Lockdown" is out now! Available on CD / coloured vinyl / digital - exclusively from Bandcamp. Check out the new video for "The Beginning of The End" too.


Wednesday 15 July

Today, after weighing everything up, I made the decision to cancel my entire autumn/winter tour, including the big Christmas show in Bristol.

Even if a vacinne for C19 were to be found in September, (which might happen but probably won't), it would be too late to start selling tickets anyway.

I know that socially distant gigs might be a thing in the future for some, but for me it is not an option. I don't want to put myself, my family, or you guys at risk by asking you to gather in public places before it is totally safe to do so.

Touring has defined me as a person for the last 10 years, and this has not been a decision that I have taken lightly. I will miss it, I will miss you, but we will see each other again one day. But only when it's safe.

Until then, I will continue the Friday stream shows for as long as you want me to. I have also almost finished album 7. I will get that out at some point. I'm also planning a series of YouTube motorbike (as socially isolated as you can be) videos, so make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel if you want to see what I get up to there.

Sorry about the gigs stuff folks. I hope that you can understand my reasons.

Stay safe you lovely lot.

Lots of love from house Brookfield. X

Live From The Lockdown poster

Friday 13 March


I am very sorry to say but I am cancelling all my gigs for the foreseeable future.

While the government advice is currently not to cancel gatherings etc, I for one do not want to be responsible for potentially spreading the virus should I get it.

Also, as a type 1 diabetic, I am at higher risk of death if I get this virus, so I owe it to myself and to Mrs Brookfield to do everything that I can to avoid getting it. This includes coming into close contact with hundreds of people over the next few weeks.

Again, very sorry to be cancelling. It is not a decision that I have come to lightly.

All the best, and stay well.


Monday 25 November

Very happy to announce this bad boy!

NEW! A Beautiful Day Out is coming to Bristol in June!! With Levellers plus Reef, Goldie Lookin Chain (GLC), Peat & Diesel, Gaz Brookfield and The Company of Thieves and more. Tickets on sale this Friday. Sign up for the pre-sale here.

A Beautiful Day Out poster

Tuesday 1 October

Lostfolk is out now!

BUY: https://gazbrookfieldmusic.bandcamp.com/album/lostfolk

WATCH: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VWyhnOFbpg

TICKETS: http://gazbrookfield.com/gigs.php

The title of the album came out of a conversation Gaz was having with fellow musician, Jake Martin, while on tour together in 2018. They were discussing in which genre they choose to place themselves when filling in online festival registration forms, as the drop-down boxes seldom offer an option that accurately describes the kind of music that they play.

Both Gaz and Jake having never really considered themselves to be folk, or punk, or folk/punk, or even singer/songwriters, despite occasionally being described as such by others, felt that none of the available options really pigeon-holed them correctly, and that they didn't really feel like they, "fit in", in any of the aforementioned genres.

This led the conversation down the road of feeling somehow lost among the various genres, which, in turn led to Gaz and Jake talking about being the Lost Boys of folk, which, in turn led to the decision that they would henceforth refer to themselves and their own particular genre, as Lostfolk.

By means of attempting to explain this people, Gaz decided to turn this whole thing into a song, which started the ball rolling for writing an album, and by May 2019 he was ready to begin recording the new album, Lostfolk.

Recorded and mixed at Earthworm Studios, Swindon, by Jon Buckett, (who also plays keyboard in Gaz's band), and mastered by Pete Maher, the album took 23 days to track. This is the longest time Brookfield has ever spent making a record, and as such, attention to detail and a desire to make it as good as it could be, was the driving factor.

If you could say that Gaz threw the kitchen sink at the last album, (I Know My Place), then you could say that he threw the entire kitchen at this one. Bringing in musician friends from all over the country, the album features Chris Webb, Peter George Rowe, and Christian Walsh on guitars. Nick Parker on mandolin, Ben Wain on fiddle, Tom Granville on bass, Lex Wood on drums, Jon Buckett on keyboards, John Hare on accordion and brass, Foz on Saxophone and synths, and Melvin Duffy, (First Aid Kit), on pedal steel guitar. Released on October 1st, 2019, Lostfolk, is Brookfield's strongest, and most focused work to date.

He takes to road once again on October 1st, with a 33 date UK tour. Tickets can be found here. The album is available on CD at all of the upcoming tour dates. Vinyl and digital release is planned for early 2020.


Thursday 29 August

Pre-order Gaz's 6th studio album, Lostfolk now! Release date is October 1st, to coincide with the start of the Autumn tour. All pre orders will be posted out just before the tour.

Available only on CD with free digital download, exclusively on Bandcamp here.

Vinyl and streaming via Spotify etc. will follow in due course, but in the interest of audio quality and, let's face it, trying to make back the money it cost to make the album, it will only be available on CD with free download on Bandcamp, and on CD at all of Gaz's gigs on the autumn tour.

Friday 14 June


A little note about why my music is disappearing from online streaming services:

Some of you have commented recently about my music disappearing from your chosen streaming service. Let me explain why.

When an independent musician such as myself wants to put their music on all of the various online streaming services, we use what's called an aggregator, who we pay to handle the distribution of the music to all the various online stores, and collect any revenue from streams and downloads.

The company that I have used for the last decade recently had a glitch in their system which resulted in some of my music disappearing from some, but not all of the various online stores.

When I asked them why, they were unable to provide me with a satisfactory answer, so I asked them to remove all my music from all the online stores, and cancel my account, so that I could take my business elswehere, and re-upload it all, via a different aggregator.

However, for unknown reasons, this has yet to be completed, so we are in a situation where some of my music is available on some of the online stores, but not all. This clusterfuck of a situation has been going on for about 6 months now, and I am still battling to resolve it. The MU lawyers are doing a fantastic job of sorting it out though.

So please bare with me, as I am hopeful that it will be sorted out soon, and then I can go ahead and re-upload it all via a new aggregator.

I am very sorry about all of this. The perils of not having a record company to sort this kind of shit out, eh!?

In the meantime, may I encourage you all to listen to my music, on CD, or vinyl, that you may have purchased from me in the past. (It sounds better than mp3 anyway).

Currently the only new CDs I have available are the Live In Southampton, and Live at The Bodega, both available in my Bandcamp page, or from me at a gig.

All the older releases are sold out, and won't be available on physical media again I'm afraid. I have neither the money nor the space in my house to store them, to keep old releases in stock.

Every penny I am earning at the moment is going into album 6, which upon release will initially be available on CD and vinyl, and on Bandcamp in October, and on streaming sites too, as soon as all this is sorted.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I hope it makes sense. Thank you also for you continued support, and for actually wanting to listen to my music. It still blows my mind that you do.

See you at a gig soon.

Lots of love,


Monday 15 April

The Lost Folk tour poster

Thursday 11 April


Available to buy on CD (including free digital download) here: https://gazbrookfieldmusic.bandcamp.com/album/live-at-the-bodega

It will also be available to buy at all future gigs.

Wednesday 23 January 2019

Pre-order the new solo live album, Live at The Bodega now!

Officially being released at The Diabetes UK charity gig on April 11th, at The Exchange, Bristol, this new live album is available to pre-order now. You can still get tickets here.

You get one free track to download when you pre-order too!

Pre-order and collect your copy at the gig. Just show your proof of order email on your phone at the merch desk. Anyone who can't make it the gig will get their pre-order in the post on the Monday following.

Monday 17 December


£10 for the CD, (digital download included).

£8 for just the digital version.

Tuesday 11 December

Timings for Saturday's live album launch party gig at SWX, Bristol...

Doors open at 7pm. (I know the poster below says 7:30pm, that's not correct). First act on at 7:15pm. Gig done by 10pm.

Get there at the start, and support the supports!


Friday 7 September

Tickets selling fast for the Aged Revolt tour with Jake Martin.

The split album with Jake, "Aged Revolt", will be available to buy on CD at every gig on the tour for just £10.

Tickets for the new live album launch gig at SWX, Bristol on December 15th are now half sold out. Half! 3 months in advance! Don't delay, get yours now!

The new live album, "Gaz Brookfield and The Company of Thieves, live in Southampton", will be available on CD at the gig and digitally on Bandcamp from Dec 15th.

Monday 3 August

Tickets selling fast for my tour with Jake Martin this October/November!

In case you hadn't heard, me and Jake are releasing a split album this autumn, and doing a massive 28 date tour along with it.

The album will consist of me playing some of my favourite of Jake's songs, and Jake playing a few of mine, plus a couple of brand new songs which we have written together.

The album, and the tour is called "Aged Revolt". (Special prize to whoever figures out why).

We are playing as many different parts of the UK as we could, so hopefully we'll be at a city / town / village near you. If not, then may I suggest a road trip? Go on, road trips are fun!

See you out there somewhere.

Big love.


Tuesday 17 April


I am very happy to tell you that in addition to the mighty Les "Fruitbat" Carter (Carter USM, Ferocious Dog), we also have the amazing Grace Petrie on the bill too! How good is that!? Check out her music here.

Be a part of history, get your tickets now, and help us be the first unsigned act to sell out this venue.

Wednesday 24 January 2018


Live At Brixton Academy (December 3rd 2016) cover

The live recording of mine and Benny's gig at Brixton Academy supporting Levellers on December 3rd 2016. It really is a warts 'n' all recording. No after the fact, fancy tuning or over dubbing. All the mistakes, guitars/fiddles going out of tune due to nerves and the extreme cold temperature on that stage, are all there for you to hear. Digital download only here.

Wednesday 27 September



Release date: November 1st 2017.

Solo Acoustic Guy I, II and III cover

Hello, as you may or may not know, I recorded Solo Acoustic Guy 3 the other day. There was lots of people asking if I'd make a CD box set of all 3 SAG albums, so that is exactly what I have done. There were some concerns from people who may have already bought SAG1, not wanting to pay for it again, and some others who had downloaded SAG2, and may not want the CD. But then there were others of you who have always wanted me to make CD of SAG2. I am unable to please absolutely everyone, and I am not rich enough to pay to press up separate CDs for all three albums. So what I have done is just make the 3 CD box set but I am selling them (hopefully) cheap enough to make it a bargain, even if you already have either the CD of SAG 1 and/or the download of SAG2.

The 3 CD box set will cost just £15, (plus a quid for p&p). You also get the digital version for free when you buy the box set. You get one free track to download when you pre-order. I hope that the price is fair as I do not want to be accused of trying to rip you off by making you buy albums you already have again. Look at it this way, if you have already bought SAG1 on CD, then if you buy this box set, you're getting SAGs 2 and 3 for just £7.50 each. If you really don't want the SAG1 CD then you can always use it as a coaster. This will only be available on Bandcamp or at gigs from Nov 1st onwards.

Wednesday 2 August

Autumn/Winter 2017 poster Xmas 2017 poster February 2018 poster

Tuesday 28 March


I know, I know, it's bloody ages away, but the Xmas gig always sells out months in advance, which is why I moved it to a bigger venue this year. Can we sell out this one? Well, that's up to you lovely lot isn't it!? About half the tickets have already gone! Get yours here.

So, here's an update for you...

I am very happy to tell you that I have managed to get two seriously brilliant support acts booked for it.

Lonely Tourist

Bristol based Glaswegian, Lonely Tourist plays his own brand of 'pub-step' at the speed of a greyhound out the traps. With four albums, 6music sessions and hundreds of gigs and festival appearances to his name this is a chance to see him with a full band playing songs from his latest album.


"Really well observed songs" - Steve Lamacq


B-Sydes (AKA Ben Sydes) is a folk-punk singer-songwriter based in Cambridge / London. On his travels, apart from touring loads with Gaz, Ben has been lucky enough to share stages with Frank Turner, Ferocious Dog, Ben Marwood, Chris ?, Beans On Toast, Dave McPherson, Sam Duckworth and Walter Schreifels to name a few. After recording 2 EP's, "Handshakes Turn To Headlocks" and "Wrecked Vessels", Ben released his debut album, "Constant Fictions", in May 2015 on Aaahh!! Real Records. 2017 will see B-Sydes once again back in the studio working on album 2, in-between stints on the road.

Check out his latest video for "Desperate Dance" here.

Wednesday 15 March

Very happy and excited to announce that I shall be bringing the band with me to Beautiful Days this year! Get your tickets for the best fest in the west, now!

Beautiful Days 2017 poster

Wednesday 22 February

I was going to have some time off after this tour, but you know me eh?!

So here's what I'm getting up to once this tour is over...

The first picture is the rest of this current tour.

The second picture shows all the gigs that I have added from the end of March up until May.

The third one is just for the leg of the tour that I'm doing with Jake Martin and B-Sydes, (behold my superior Photoshop skillz!)

Ticket links etc available on the individual venue's websites. Any doubts or questions just give em a call.

Tour 2017 #1 photo Tour 2017 #2 photo Tour 2017 #3 photo

Wednesday 1 February

Friday 6 January 2017


It is with a heavy heart that I have to announce that my gig at The Convent, Stroud on February 15th has been cancelled.

You know I hate cancelling gigs, but it was unavoidable in this case. I do apologise.

Here is the updated tour poster.

2017 tour poster

Saturday 31 December

Hello folks!

I trust you had a good festive time.

Just to let you know that I've updated the Bandcamp page.

There's a few True and Fast and Solo Acoustic Guy CD's left.

One or two Land Pirate's Life For Me t-shirts (limited sizes available).

Also the new I Know My Place t-shirts (available in sizes Small to XXL, men's and lady's).

Plus, there's a few copies of the I Know My Place limited edition blue vinyl albums and the CD's as well. Links below...

Friday 23 December

For anyone who missed this...

BIG NEWS! (Please share).

Tickets now on sale for next year's Christmas gig...And we've moved up a venue size!!!

It is reluctantly that I have to announce that last Saturday's gig at The Fleece was the last one for the foreseeable future. I would like to extend my love and gratitude to Chris and everyone there for hosting my gigs there over the last five years. We made history in that place, but it's time to move on.

The show sells out so fast every year, that it was obvious that we had to move up notch for next time. So it is with great pleasure that I can tell you that The Bierkeller, Bristol, have offered us the chance to use their lovely venue.

Those of you who don't know, it's just over the bridge from The Fleece, sells good booze, has great sound, and can hold 750 people.

So let's see if we can make history again and sell this one out, shall we!? Tickets are flying out already!!! It's only been on sale two days, and already a quarter of the tickets have gone!

It's Christmas time, so I reckon that tickets for this would make a great last minute prezzie.

GAZ BROOKFIELD and The Company of Thieves
Sat 16th Dec 2017
18+ show (14+ if accompanied by a parent)
Tickets £10 adv
Doors 7.30pm - midnight
Ticket Line 0117 9299008

Online tickets:
See Tickets
Bristol Ticket Shop

Facebook Event

Bierkeller Website Listing

Friday 2 December

Monday 12 September


I Know My Place cover

It turns out that Bandcamp won't let me release the pre-order yet. Apparently I can't release it until 90 days before the release date so, seeing as I've promised you all that the pre-order will go live today, I will just have to bring the release date a bit nearer.

So, here it is! You can now pre-order my 5th studio album, I Know My Place, on CD and/or digital download on my Bandcamp page (pre-order is only available on there). It will be available on iTunes, Amazon, etc. on the day of release, 9 December 2016.

Please remember that if you buy the CD, you automatically get a digital version anyway so, only choose the "digital only" option, if you really don't want a CD.

When you pre-order, you will receive one free download of the title track, "I Know My Place". Oh yeah, and here's the brand new video for that very song:

(For best viewing results watch it on a smart phone or tablet and make sure your YouTube app settings are set to the highest quality).


Monday 5 September

I am very happy to announce that I am now endorsed (or I am endorsing, not sure which way round to say it) by Hiscox Cases.

I've been using Hiscox Cases since I was about 17 years old. I used to sell them in the music shop that I worked in and I would demonstrate how great they are by putting an expensive guitar in them and then standing on the case. I absolutely love them, so it's proper awesome to be able to bang on about them in an official capacity!

Check them out here. Also, check out Hiscox Live too.

Wednesday 29 June


Gaz in the studio, 2016

In case you hadn't heard/guessed, I am currently in the studio recording my 5th studio album.

It will be released in December 2016 and the launch gig will be at The Fleece, Bristol, on Saturday December 17th.

Tickets on sale at 9am today.

Pre-order will be available nearer the time. Yes, it will available on CD and as a download. No vinyl, sorry.

Monday 27 June


Baseball style "Land Pirates" long sleeved t-shirt - Blue sleeves, or red sleeves. £15 (plus p&p).

Fruit Of The Loom, long sleeved t-shirt, with a white torso, and navy blue sleeves, or red sleeves, with Land Pirates logo on the front, and "Brookfield 79" on the back, (79 is the year I was born by they way).

Available in sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL. Check the Fruit Of The Loom size chart to make sure you get the right size. I'm usually a medium in most t-shirts but with these I'm a Large.


T-Shirt #1 T-Shirt #2 T-Shirt #3 T-Shirt #4

Friday 18 March

I am very happy to announce that I will be supporting Billy Bragg at the Cheese & Grain in Frome om Wednesday 6 July, as part of the Frome Festival.

Monday 14 March

Thursday July 7th, Stroud, The Convent

My birthday shindig! I cordially invite you all to celebrate my birthday with me, and also, my first album's 5th birthday too!

Very limited number of tickets available for this, but you can also stream it live on the internet, if you can't make it.

As my first album Trial and Error is 5 years old, the first half of this show will be me playing the whole album, start to finish. The second half will be mixture of stuff from all the other albums. It may even turn out to become a new live album too.

Live stream link

Ticket link

Monday 11 January

Solo Acoustic Guy CDs back in stock!

Wednesday 6 January 2016


Friday 20 November

It with great regret that I must announce that I will not be playing tonight's or tomorrow's shows with Ferocious Dog in Manchester and Clitheroe. I have a pretty nasty throat infection and I can't talk, let alone sing. I am so sorry. I hate cancelling shows. I promise to make it back to both towns at some point soon. To all attending these shows, have a great night! To my good friends, Ferocious Dog, you'll have to eat all the cheese without me. I hope to be back in full health in time for Cardiff on Thursday. I'll keep you posted. Gaz

Monday 9 November


Release date is Monday November 30th.

Pre order a CD (includes free digital version), or if you don't want the CD choose the digital only option.

This album's track listing was chosen by you and was recorded in one take with one guitar, one harmonica and one me.

Hope you like it.

Tuesday 15 September


Filmed at Beautiful Days Festival 2015. Featuring guest appearances from Matt from Levellers, Scott Doonican, and many others. Thank you to all who contributed footage.

Mud and Rainbows, by Gaz Brookfield and Billy Shinbone (official video).

Tuesday 1 September

December 2015 tour poster

Tuesday 1 September

Massive tour with my good friends Ferocious Dog coming up! Tickets selling fast across the UK. Get yours asap! See you on the road.

Tuesday 25 August

Gaz Brookfield @ Beautiful Days 2015 (photo by Jolyon Holroyd)

I never thought when I first played Beautiful Days, that 4 years later this would happen. My mind is blown.

Thanks to Jolyon Holroyd for this incredible picture and thank you to all 2249 (the official capacity of this tent) of you at The Big Top on Saturday, and thanks to my friend Ben Wain for being the best darn fiddle player in the land, and the nicest chap in it too.

Also huge thanks to Billy Shinbone for joining us for Mud and Rainbows. Video coming soon.

Finally, thank you to Levellers and DMF for having me.

Monday 3 August


For anyone who's been wondering what a Sailor Jerry's Kitchen is, here is the brand new video for the song, Sailor Jerry's Kitchen.

Monday 14 July


Here it is then folks. The live recording of the album launch gig for True and Fast, at The Fleece, Bristol.

Thanks to Rich Munday for recording and mastering. Special thanks to Aleutia Shannon and Rachel Moore for the cover photo.

This is a DOWNLOAD ONLY album. Physical CDs will not be made, and before anyone asks, neither will physical CDs be made of my older albums, nor will any vinyl be made as all this is too expensive for me to do at the moment.

Physical CDs of the studio album of True and Fast are still available on my Bandcamp page though.

Wednesday 17 June

Rochester gig venue change alert!!!

Tomorrow's gig in Rochester has moved from The Man Of Kent Ale House to The Good Intent, 3 John Street, Rochester, Kent, ME1 1YL. Still free entry. Still starting at 8ish. Still me, Jake, and Davey Malone playing songs for you good people.

See you there!

Monday 15 June

The True and Fast tour is about to begin!

16th to the 26th: support will be from the wonderful Jake Martin.

CD copies of True and Fast and brand new t-shirts will be available at every gig.

Below is the full list of June's gigs, including ticket links where necessary. Get your tickets now! Help the promoters feel like they haven't made a horrible mistake in booking me!

11.06.15 - Lusty Glaze, Cornwall, 8pm (free entry)
12.06.15 - Southampton, supporting Levellers (tickets)
16.06.15 - Portsmouth, Eastney Cellars (tickets)
17.06.15 - London, The Monarch, 9pm-ish (free entry)
18.06.15 - Rochester, The Man Of Kent. 8:30pm-ish (free entry)
19.06.15 - Biggleswade, The Red Lion, 9pm-ish (free entry)
20.06.15 - Brighton, The Prince Albert (tickets)
21.06.15 - Colchester, The Victoria Inn, 5pm (free entry)
22.06.15 - Norwich, The Bicycle Shop (tickets)
23.06.15 - Nottingham, Maze (tickets)
24.06.15 - Leeds, Fox and Newt (tickets)
25.06.15 - Manchester, The Star and Garter (tickets)
26.06.15 - The Victoria, Swindon (THIS IS NOT A FULL BAND SHOW AS PREVIOUSLY ADVERTISED, SORRY) (tickets)
27.06.15 - Jinneyring Folk Festival
28.06.15 - Glastonbury Festival, Avalon Cafe Stage, 5:30pm.

Saturday 6 June

True And Fast is out today! Don't forget you can get it on CD too from Bandcamp. See you at The Fleece tonight for the launch show x

Friday 20 March

Here you go then, the brand new video for The Diabetes Blues (plus reprise). Big thanks to the gents at DMM Productions for their fine work.

Pre order the new album, True and Fast here.

Monday 9 March


You can now pre-order my forthcoming album "True and Fast" in physical CD format for just £10 (plus £1 p&p) and in download format (if you really don't want the CD) for just £10 from my Bandcamp page.

You will receive one track, "Godless Man", absolutely free when you pre-order and, if you have purchased the CD format album, I will post it out to you the day before the release date (6 June) so you will receive your copy on or maybe even just before the release date.

I will of course be selling the album in CD format at the launch gig and at every other gig after that. But pre-order now to get the free track and the album delivered to you on or just before 6 June 2015.

iTtunes users, I'm afraid no pre order is available, so you will have to just do it on 6 June.

Tuesday 23 February

Very happy to announce that I am supporting Mad Dog McCrea and Ferocious Dog at Bristol O2 Academy and Nottingham Rock City this Autumn:

O2 ACADEMY, BRISTOL - Friday 16th October 2015 (pre-sale tickets to fans available Wednesday 25th February

ROCK CITY, NOTTINGHAM - Saturday 28th November 2015 (pre-sale tickets to fans available Wednesday 25th February

Both shows will be on general sale on Friday 27th February.

Thursday 22 January

Here you go then. New live album. Recorded at my 1000th gig at The Fleece, Bristol on 19.12.14. Thanks to Rich Munday for recording and mastering it. No retakes, no overdubs, every wrong note and glorious drunken mistake included :) (This is a download only release).

Monday 19 January


Yep, you've done it again folks. The album launch show at The Fleece, Bristol on June 6th has now officially sold out. 6 months in advance!

Sadly there is no option to upgrade to a bigger venue as there are none available on that date. So it looks like another sweaty, packed out and awesome night at The Fleece.

Thank you so much for all the support.